Headlight Filmworks

Is an independent production company founded by the Rippon family. Its founding members are Craig, Jor-El, and Faith Rippon, Charity Sanders and Tahj Leron. Headlight Filmworks specializes in small niche documentaries.

Craig Rippon

CEO/Executive Producer as well as founding partner of Headlight Filmworks. Craig has worked intermittently in the comics industry for a number of years. Craig has worked as a writer for a (now defunct) independent family publication called Heritage Forum.

Faith Rippon

Founding partner of Headlight Filmworks and Executive Producer on Black Ink. Faith plays an integral part in the overall formation of Headlight Filmworks from contributing financially to equipment to budget planning and production.

Charity Rippon

Founding partner of Headlight Filmworks Charity functions as a Producer on Black Ink and assists in the gathering of contact information for outreach to the various artists.

Jor-El Rippon

Videographer, Photographer & Producer as well as a founding partner of Headlight-Filmworks. He is based in Clinton Massachusetts. Jor-El started his professional videography business at the age of 20 where he primarily worked shooting weddings, music videos and small business promotions. With the launching of Headlight-Filmworks Jor-El intends to produce specialty niche documentaries catering to select audiences.

Tahj Laron

Videographer, portrait and fashion photographer, specializing in music videos and micro films. Director and founding partner of a Web Development Company called ‘1212’. Tahj Leron lends his talents to Headlight Filmworks in the production of Black Ink.

Priscilla Lucas

Priscilla is a recent graduate from Howard University’s Cathy Hughes School of Communications. There she majored in Media Journalism Film Communications, with a concentration in TV and Film. Due to her also minoring in Korean language, she has spent time studying in Seoul, South Korea. With her knowledge of western and eastern film and media, she brings a unique perspective to every project she is a part of. Priscilla is a screenwriter and director who can also do her own editing.

David Jackson

David Jackson II is an award-winning Motion Designer from Buffalo, New York. His portfolio includes game presentation, broadcast and commercial graphics for the Buffalo Bills, Buffalo Sabres and New Era Cap, and four Emmy Award-winning projects with Pegula Sports and Entertainment. An exuberant creative, David also has a passion performing stand-up comedy, producing short films and podcasting.